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Moroccan bath Express

Steam bath for the body, original Moroccan soap, two loofahs, one body unit, a special unit for the skin of the face and pubic area, an oil bath for hair, a facial scrub that removes impurities and sediment. We also add a cream that purifies and cleanses to lighten the skin colo

Traditional Herbal Bath

Scrubbing by Clay mixture: The mixture removes impurities, regenerates skin cells, sterilizes infections in the skin, and gets rid of damage caused by sun exposure. scrubbing by Salt mixture: cleanses the body of dirt, germs, and skin diseases such as eczema, acne, helps regenerate body cells, and reduces fatigue and exhaustion.


At our spa, our experienced therapists tailor each Fire Therapy Massage session to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you seek relief from chronic pain, a revitalizing experience, or simply a moment of pure relaxation, our therapists will provide a personalized treatment that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and restored.

Aroma Turkish Bath

Is a unique experience that takes place with the Turkish loofah. The experience is useful in stimulating blood circulation and removing toxins accumulated on the surface of the skin. The difference between Moroccan and Turkish is in the type of soap used and the depth of the cleaning process, as the Turkish bath has cosmetic purposes and cleanses the skin in the first place, while the Moroccan one goes beyond cosmetic purposes. For some therapeutic purposes… And this is an ancient tradition for the Turkish people to take care of the purity of the body and the purity of the spirit and thought from the complexities and pollutants of daily life.removing, scrubbing, footmasque and massage).

Royal Moroccan Bath

It is one of the most luxurious Moroccan baths because it has royal qualities in terms of that smell and cleanliness, in addition to the many benefits of drying acne and removing its effects, moisturizing the body and many therapeutic things for the body and psychological comfort with our international products, including those imported from Morocco, such as soaps, oils and mixtures used in this bath.

Murano Signature Royal Bath

The murano signature bath blends modern and ancient ways of bathing and uses high quality bath accessories and an old cosmetic method for the people of Morocco and the Emirates, based on authentic folk remedies. As for cosmetic things, to improve mood, a sense of renewal, and serenity of fat and spirit, to get rid of stress and psychological pressures.

Oud and Amber Bath (Oud or Musk)

The Oud and Amber bath works to give your skin freshness and radiance, closes the pores of the skin, lightens its color, and removes skin pigmentation that may be affected by the skin and the skin in particular. A quarter of a length of fine oud oil or musk will be used in this unique and team bathroom, which will make you the best of everyone’s attention


Foot spa soak in a warm water with sea salt rock followed by exfoliating,grooming and massage with a heated footspa, you can give your tired feet the pampering and detoxing. (Soaked,cleansed,cuticle cured,nail trimmed,callous removing,scrubbing,footmasque and massage)

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